Departmental Activities

Attainment of geographical knowledge is not restricted to the four-walls of the class room. Annual field surveys and excursions are conducted by the Department in different parts of the District, State as well as the country. Reports based on field surveys are prepared by the students under the supervision of the departmental teachers. The reports are later submitted and evaluated by external examiners appointed by the University for the partial fulfillment of the course curriculum.



Invited lectures on interrelated topics are organized time to time whereby students get to interact with faculty members of other departments of the College as well as from other College(s) and Universit(ies). Students also attend lectures of other departments of our College, on topics related to the course curriculum.



The Department has organized quite a number of panel discussions.

List of events

Category Level Topic Date  Sponsor 
Conference  National  Challenges & Mitigation of Drought in India 9-11   September,  2011 UGC
Seminar State Environmental Issues of Lower Gangetic West Bengal 12 September, 2015 College
Workshop  University  Geomorphological Mapping 14 March, 2018 College

Webinar (in collaboration with Dept. of Geography, PRMS Mahavidyalaya)

National Environment & Sustainability: Land, Water & Ecosystem Perspective 31 October, 2020  


National The Sustenance of the Sustainable through Sustained Judiciary in India 5 June, 2021  













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Students participate enthusiastically in inter-departmental competitions like debate, extempore, wall magazine, singing etc.held during Annual College Programmes. They also contribute literary works to the College magazine 'Jhalak'. Several students are members of the NSS units of the College. 


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