From the Co-ordinator of IQAC

The main objective of the IQAC is to plan and implement quality initiatives. Keeping coordination with all stake holders it supports to conduct programmes for quality innovations, curricula, teaching-learning evaluation, Research orientated seminars / conference / worksop, ICT management and suggests for empowerment of staff, kind of leadership and governance patterns. In short, the IQAC plans and supports effective implementation for overall quality management.

IQAC Co-Ordinator

Dr. Suvranshu Pan

IQAC Members
1. Dr. Kshirod Chandra Mahato, T-I-C
2. Sri Nirmal Chandra Mudi
3. Dr. Arabinda Mallick

4. Dr. Subikash Chowdhury,  Bankura Christan College

5. Dr. P.K. Chowdhury, Ex-DPI, Government of West Bengal

6. Soumen Belthoria, Govt. Nominee of G.B.

7. Shyamapada Paramanik Head Clerk

8. Mritunjay Mandal, Student Representative