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“Education is what gives deliverance/ emancipation”. The message of Rabindranath Tagore , “My salvation is in abundance of light”, will dawn hand in glove with the heritage in our Educational Institution. The geographical location of our educational Institution is in the verge of West Bengal’s stony soil, in the sylvan shadows of Sal and Palash and is surrounded by the culture of popular folklores. Our new family comprises the industrious boys and girls of stony hard soil of Purulia. The college that saw the light of the day on 26 September 2000, set its foot in the adolescence of 18, and from that very moment, taking its full responsibility, I began my journey. To achieve Higher Grade from NAAC in 2021, is our immediate objective. Besides that, by increasing the in-take capacity by one and a half times in 8 Honours disciplines and implementing postgraduate degrees, we will proceed towards sustained development , not in the evaluation of degrees, but in building a simple, easy and linear Veda of life, by  bridging the gulf between  the basic need of life and formal education.  By exposing the root culture, namely 'Bhadu gaan', in the arena of international symposium, we have tried to touch the indigenous culture of the soil. We have started to register the legacy of heritage through the introduction of Diploma course in Folk- song and 'Bhadu gaan' of Manbhum. 

With a view to touching the Jivan-Veda, and to instilling the joyous songs of life into the heart of the new generation, we are making an effort to build up a Department of Culture, with various courses on basic culture, its assessment and performance. We are also trying to preserve, reform, develop and prevent from depravity and deformity, those cultures which are extinct and in the threshold of extinction. Special emphasis is given to the practical aspect as well to the inculcation of this passion and emotion of life in these fields. With the object of increasing the financial condition for the economically backward regions, we are moving towards promoting various schemes like kitchen garden, considering the quality and nature of soil, seed processing, different products and ingredients from Palash Leaves, and Honey Preservation. Keeping in view of the Vocational based learning, a scheme has been taken to introduce Nursing Training for the women of this Tribal dominated region.

For the all round and sustained development of human resources, our journey remains unhindered through Curriculum and Co-curricular activities. Our expectation: “We shall overcome someday”.

With best wishes 

Dr. Bibhas Kanti Mandal


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