AQAR 2017-18



                                                                                                                                                                             Annexure - 1


Annual Quality Assurance Report of the IQAC


Name of the college:   Kashipur Michael Madhusudan Mahavidyalaya


Name of the Affiliating University:    Sidho-Kanho-Birsha University


Year of Report:          2017 – 18


Section A: Plan of action chalked out by the IQAC in the beginning of the year towards quality enhancement:



Plan of Action


1. Formation of Alumni Association

An Alumni Association of the College was formed in February, 2018. The first Reunion was held on 24th February, 2018.

2. Extension & renovation of Canteen building

Extension of the Canteen building has been sanctioned by the Governing Body of the College; construction is likely to start in the next academic session.



Section B: Details in respect of the following

1. Activities reflecting the goals and objectives of the college:

  • The goal of our college is to spread higher education among the marginal & financial underprivileged first generation learners. So our college tries to provide them with Book Bank Facility. We have many poor students so we provide Half-Free ship and Full-Free ship to the needy and deserving candidates. Kanyashree II is also provided as per the guidelines of the Govt. of West Bengal.

2. New academic programmes initiated (UG and PG):   

  • Our proposal for PG course study centre of Netaji Subhas Open University (NSOU) is awaiting approval.


3. Innovations in curricular design and transaction: 

  • The Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS) has been adopted for all the UG Courses as per the UGC rules directed by our parent University, Sidho-Kanho-Birsha University, Purulia.
  • Smart class room installed at the Seminar Hall and the newly created classrooms in 2016-17 are under regular use by various departments of the College.

4. Inter-disciplinary programmes started:    

  • Introduction of Inter-Disciplinary programmes is under process.

5. Examination reforms implemented: 

  • We follow the examination system implemented by the Sidho-Kanho-Birsha University, Purulia; examinations are held under the auspices of the University.
  • Internal assessment tests are conducted in each semester for each department. Class tests are also conducted time-to-time by different departments.

6. Candidates qualified: NET / SLET/ GATE etc :  

  • Ours is an UG institution, so our candidates cannot qualify the NET or SLET or GATE. Though some of our students afterward have qualified these mentioned examinations as students of various universities.

7. Initiative towards faculty development programme:

  • We encourage our faculties to take part in RC, OP, Summer or Winter School. Three of our faculty members are pursuing Ph.D.

8. Total no of seminars / workshops conducted:      

  • A one-day Workshop on “Geomorphological Mapping” was organized by the Department of Geography of our College on 14th March, 2018. The Workshop was attended by students and teachers of Geography discipline of different Colleges under the Sidho-Kanho-Birsha University, Purulia.
  • Seminar-cum-Workshop on “Value Education and Personality Development.” was organized by the Department of Bengali of our College in collaboration with Ramkrishna Mission Vidyapith, Purulia on 22nd December, 2017.

9. Research projects a) Ongoing; b) Completed:   

  • Not in this year.

10. Patents generated, if any:   

  • As an UG institution our college has hardly any commendable laboratory facility. No patent was generated.

11. New collaborative research programmes:   

  • Our Institution has not conducted any collaborative Research work in this academic year. Initiatives on the same are being planned for in the near future.

12. Research grants received from various agencies:

  • Consequently, no research grant was received. However we received 7.45 Lakhs from UGC from 2011-2016.

13. Details of research scholars:

  • As an UG institution our college does not have any Research scholar.

14. Citation index of faculty members and impact factor:   

  • Nil

15. Honours / Awards to the faculty:

  • National - 01

16. Internal resources generated: 

  • Nil

17. Details of departments getting assistance /recognition under SAP, COSIST, (ASSIST)/DST, FIST and other programmes:                                  

  • Nil

18. Community services:   

  • Our NSS regularly takes part in Community Services through ‘Shramdaan’, conducting AIDS Awareness Programme, tree plantation, etc.
  • The NSS conducted a Special Campaign Programmes at the adopted village Rangiladih on Dowry Prhobition and Plastic Prohibitions.
  • Special Camp on ‘Swachh Bharat’ was organized by the NSS on 31.1.17 to 05.02.18.
  • The students of our College participated in the Block-level Programme on ‘Raksha Bandhan’.

19. Teachers and officers newly recruited:  

  • No teaching & non-teaching staff was recruited by the Recruiting agency (which is the Govt. of West Bengal in our case) in this academic year. However, Guest teachers were recruited to smoothly conduct classes in various departments.

20. Teaching – Non teaching staff ratio:   

  • 30:21

Teaching Staff – 30 (including 15 part-time & 01 contractual)

Non-teaching Staff – 21 (including 01 part-time & 09 casual staff)


21. Improvements in the library services: 

  • In this academic year books were purchased.
  • Internet has been made for library user.
  • Library Automation is ongoing.
  • A carrier guidance cell has opened for the students to develop themselves for various competitive exams during 2017-2018.
  • NLIST e-journal and e-books database, hosted by INFLIBNET has newly subscribed in this year.
  • For quick update of different notice of college as well as of Central Library it has created a page on social media as the extension service of Central Library.
  • An initiative was taken to control pest during this session.


22. New books / Journals subscribed and their value:

4.2.1 Library Services:



Newly added









Text Books


















Reference Books







(N-LIST Subscription)









(N-LIST Subscription)






(N-LIST Subscription)


6000+(N-LIST Subscription)

Digital Database


(N-LIST Subscription)


1(N-LIST Subscription)

CD & Video







Library automation







Weeding (Hard & Soft)







Others (specify)

             Newspaper and Magazine      



23. Courses in which student assessment of teachers is introduced and the action taken on student feedback:

Feedback is collected from all students & all departments annually.

On the basis of this feedback taken from students, suggestive measures have been taken for improvement of the overall quality of the college.

24. Feedback from stakeholders:

  • Students gave sugestive feedback for class teaching improvement, betterment of library accession, frequence supply of driking water, sufficient & low cost food and beverages from college canteen, necessary accessories for sport facilities & frequent councelling of carrer placement.


25. Unit cost of education:

26. Computerization of administration and the process of admissions and examination results, issue of certificates:

  • All Financial matters related to admission, examination and administration are computerized. Results and certificates are issued by the University and that too is computerized.  We use College Administration and Management Software (CAMS) in college administrative work.


27. Increase in the infrastructural facilities:

  • Extension of the Canteen building has been sanctioned by the Governing Body of the College; construction is likely to start in the next academic session

28. Technology up gradation:

  • All Financial matters related to admission, examination and administration are computerized. Results and certificates are issued by the University and that too is computerized. 
  • Automation of library has been initiated.


29. Computer and internet access and training to teachers, non-teaching staff & students:

  • The College has internet facility and in accordance with the Govt. Regulations the College uses all pertinent software. The College library too has got internet facility which is for everyone’s use. 


30. Financial aid to students:

  • College provide “MSPSMS & SR-1, SR-2 and SR-3 Scholarships" to Part-II, Part-III & to students who are pursuing PG courses after passing from this College.
  • College helps students with Half-free & Full-freeship.
  • Students also got various scholarships from Central and State Govt.


31. Activities and support from the Alumni Association:

  • College authorities have collected & restored the data of ex-students to officialy form Alumni Association.


32. Activities and support from the Parent-Teacher Association:

  • IQAC & Teachers Council jointly organized the Parent – Teachers meeting during admission, exmination & freeship.



33. Health services:

  • The college have a small medical unit in the the main building. College also provides Health awareness in regular basis. For emergency students have to send to Kolloli Hospital 1.5 Km away from the college.





34. Performance in sports activities:

  • Football Champion: Kashipur M. M. Mahavidyalaya, in the Govt. of West Bengal District Sports held in 19.01.18 organised by J.K. College, Purulia.
  • Best Athlete (Women): Jyotsna Majhi
  • Best Athlete (Men): Prasenjit Sardar

State-level Competition -

  • Jyotsna Majhi won the Bronze Medal for 400m Relay Race.


35. Incentives to outstanding sportspersons:

  • We waive tuition fees for outstanding achievement and regularly help the promising and aspiring sportspersons by providing them with sport-equipments.


36. Student achievements and awards:

  • Football Champion: Kashipur M. M. Mahavidyalaya, in the Govt. of West Bengal District Sports held in 19.01.18 organised by J.K. College, Purulia.
  • Best Athlete (Women): Jyotsna Majhi
  • Best Athlete (Men): Prasenjit Sardar
  • Jyotsna Majhi won the Bronze Medal for 400m Relay Race.


37. Activities of the Guidance and counselling unit:

  • We have conducted the Career counselling course. A good number of students availing themselves of this facility have been absorbed in different jobs like school teaching, service in forces, and service in technical workshops.


38. Placement services provided to students:

  • Career Counselling was organized by the Career Counselling Cell of the College.


39. Development programmes for non-teaching staff:

  • Non-teaching staff members are facilitated with training in ICT occasionally.


40. Good practices of the institution:

  • We observe important national holidays.
  • Seminar articles with ISBN No. have been published.
  • Poor students are supported financially.
  • Teachers attend students facing academic and non-academic problems beyond regular class hours.
  • Annual cultural competition is held for the holistic development of students. Prizes & certificates are distributed to the rank holders as a mark of encouragement.
  • College members through NSS provide services to the adopted two villages through NSS (Rangiladih & Gopalchowk) – ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’ was observed to develop awareness on cleanliness among the locals.


41. Linkages developed with National / International, academic / research bodies :

  • College frequently organized National, International & State level Seminar, Conference & Workshop with various academic and Research bodies like Bengal Economic Association, IIRS(Dehradun), BARC(Bhubaneswar) etc.


42. Action Taken Report on the AQAR of the previous year :

  1. During 2016-17, 04 (four) class rooms has been build up with the help from State Government’s grant and matching grant from the college.

        2.   Feedback from students has been taken since last 03 (three) years for upliftment of quality of class teaching.

        3.  Encourage faculties for hosting Seminars/Conferences/Workshops into the college and taking part in other institutions too.

        4. Student counselling is frequently done for the advancement of slow learners by class teachers or by invited lectures on different topics.


43. Any other relevant information the institution wishes to add:

  • We have to fight against the odds of being situated in an area dominated by poverty-stricken SC/ST communities. Most of our students are first generation learners that make our job challenging which makes whatever success we achieve, very satisfying.
  • The College completed NAAC visit during 27-28 November,2016 & was awarded with Grade “B”.


Section C: Outcomes achieved by the end of the year

  • The College was visited by the Academic Autdit Team of Sidho-Kanho-Birsha University, Purulia.
  • We have successfully conducted Remedial Coaching & Career Counseling.
  • One Workshop and one Seminar-cum-Workshop was organized.


Section D: Plans of the college for the next year

  • To materialize the recommendations of the NAAC Peer Team, viz. opening of add-on courses, language laboratory, etc.
  • Application seeking approval from SKBU and NSOU for the opening of PG Courses in our College will be placed.
  • To apply for the opening of four-year Integrated Course (with B.Ed.) duly approved by the NCTE.
  • To continue with the organization of Conferences/Seminars/Workshops.




            sd/                                                                                                          sd/

      (Dr. Amit Dey)                                                                              (Dr. Bibhas Kanti Mandal)   

Director / Co-ordinator, IQAC                                                                   Chairperson, IQAC