About Department

The Department of Sociology of our College was established in the year 2000. It has been offering General Course since then. The Honours section started from 2003. The Department offers Honours and Programme Courses in the Semester-based CBCS format. Direct Teaching-Learning has been applied with the help of Verbal Communication and using Text Books, Reference Books and Journals related to the Syllabus as well. In the recent pandemic situation, classes are being held online through Google Meet as far as possible. 

Our Ex-Faculty

1. Mr.Subhendra Bhowmick

2. Mr. Swarup Parira

3. Smt. Sumantra Chakraborty

4. Mr. Atanu Mukherjee

5. Mr.  Sabyasachi Tewari

6. Smt. Isita Konar

7. Mr. Samir Kumar Layek

8. Smt. Keya Mukherjee



  • Kashipur Michael Madhusudan Mahavidyalaya
  •   Kashipur, Purulia
  •   Phone No.
  •   Email Id
  •   www.kashipurmmm.org