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English Department of Kashipur M.M. Mahavidyalaya had been walking with the Institution since the establishment of the college. The year 2000 is the transitional time to the entire Kashipur area for the birth of the college at the adjacent Kashipur Royal Palace. English Department in that time underwent through its infancy, as it only caters 3 years (I+I+I) General Degree Courses. In 2004, Three Years Hons Courses, along with others Hons subjects, B.A in English Hons was also started. Since then it had been catering Interest and Knowledge in English Literature and Language among the students. From 2017, Dept of English under the CBCS system has been imparting its educational degrees and knowledge through the Semester system, covering three years (total Six Semesters) Hons and Prog Courses. This department always helps the students to blossom their minds and spirit wholeheartedly applying the comparative method of literature, aestheticism, critical thinking and knowhow in every respect.

In the Postcolonial period English becomes a language of necessity. Moreover, English heralds a linguistic imperialism, thus it becomes a global language, a language of communication, a language of urgency. In this condition this dept also makes the pupil fit for   every cited respect.

The VISION of the Department is to impart the Qualitative Literary Knowledge, Communication Skill and Value Education from Local to Global level through literature and language.


To generate among the students true sense of aestheticism, critical thinking, creativity and innovativeness

To enhance communication skills using language and literature

To instil through the literature among the students the sense of Morality, Ability and Nobility which make human being a Man

To make students more confident and active in every sphere of life to face the challenges

To realise the significance and value of literature to maintain the equilibrium into human society


Courses Offered:  B. A Program and B.A Honours


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